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The Business, PAVE YOUR WAY, was established way back during 1992, since inception the aim was to excel in a very competitive market, VIBRO BRICKS (Fanie Swanepoel now in retirement) whom I rate very highly, was honest about everything and I endured many a criticism from him, today I realise his input was not in vain..and I will always appreciate him for being there and sharing valuable information.

I love what I am doing, there have been difficult times and easy times, after 18 years in Banking, of which the majority was in marketing, I personally do all my QUOTATIONS, first man on site and the last to leave. I have met so many lovely people in CENTURION, it has happened that I have installed paving for the Fathers..23 Years ago, I have done paving for their children and of late… for the Grand Children… which is really an honor.

I realised that the Market is only so big, almost like a huge cake of which only a portion is mine, honesty, quality and hard work… exceeded my wildest expectations, and thankful to THE MAN IN THE STREET, COMPANIES, PROPERTY DEVELOPERS, CHURCHES, TOWN HOUSES, COMPLEXES etc. I believe in being consequent, all though not the cheapest,

. . . as quality workmanship, at a fair price will be remembered much longer than poor quality at lesser price.

All being said, I am committed to my clients, every PROJECT is a PROTO-TYPE of the PERFECT PROJECT. A Minimum Guarantee of not less than 5 Years forms part of each QUOTATION and PROJECT completed.

. . . En ja, ek praat ook AFRIKAANS !

– Callie Venter